Sunday, July 20, 2008

Anthropologie Vintage-Pretty Sweaters

Daisy Day Vest
Speckled Knit with a Trio of Daisy Flowers

Okay, I am in trouble. I live only 12 miles away from the new Fountains Shopping Center in Roseville, CA where the new Anthropologie store just opened!

I went shopping in Roseville yesterday. I hit the big Nordstrom Anniversary sale . Can you believe, I left Nordstrom empty handed? I didn't leave Anthropologie empty handed though!

I couldn't wait to go back to the new Fountains shopping center. Not all of the stores are open there yet. I noticed though when I went to the Anthropologie grand opening party that Sur La Table was about to open. On my list was to check out Sur La Tab but (truth be known) I actually couldn't wait to get back to Anthropologie!

Stepping into an Anthropologie store just makes you feel good! It is a visual feast for the eyes...everywhere you turn and look there are pretty things. There is such a groovy vintage vibe with the hip music playing and the aromatherapy candles burning. I love this store!

I adore the pretty vintage-inspired sweaters the most at Anthropologie. I suppose that is because I am a knitter. Their designs inspire me to get creative and add pretty embellishments to garments already in my closet. I am also inspired to add vintage inspired appliques and details to knits that I make in the future.

Here are some pretty sweater knits that I can't help but adore!

Japonica Cardigan

Would this not be adorable with a black and white polka dot skirt for Paris!

Sweet Blossoms in the Tea Cup Pocket!

I love tea so I naturally love this tea cup pocket detail!

Cardigan with Felted Flowers

This design inspires me
for all those thrift store wool sweaters I have felted.

Felted Flowers Applique

I am going to give felted flower appliques a try!
I will probably use this idea on a pre-made made sweater
or a thrift store wool sweater felted.

Novella Shrug

Ooh, la, la! Okay, this one I could not resist to buy!
Gorgeous peacock blue wool shrug.
Reminds me of vintage Parisian scroll wallpaper.
I had to have this for my next trip to Paris!

Fountains at Roseville
1182 Roseville Parkway
Roseville, CA 95678
(916) 789-9100

Are you as inspired as me at Anthropologie?

Let me know what inspires you?


Kate said...

I'm finding your blog inspiring! I just found you through Ravelry, via your Paris hat and beret projects, which I love! We have some common interests, I'm going to be perusing your blog some more :) ~Kate

Unknown said...

Bonjour Kate, Glad you found me! Say hi to me on Ravelry so I can view your projects. I have so much more to share on my blog. I hope you continue to read it!
Best, Lisette

Ve Miranty said...

Ohhh my gosh.. I really love all of your sweater pic that you've uploaded.. Nice.. Where can I get it?

My regard, sister.. Veronica

Unknown said...


The sweater is from You will love their clothes and accessories!

Good luck!