Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The British Aisles

 60 Years a Queen!

I received a "hot tip" today that there's now 
 (on this side of the Pond)
 at Cost Plus World Market.
So this afternoon, I made a mad dash and hit the 
"British aisles"

 Long May She Reign

I spotted the Queen Elizabeth II tea mug right away.
Cost Plus did a nice job with this lovely Jubilee keepsake mug 
and it's hand finished in the UK.

 Devonshire Cream

Nothing goes better with tea and scones than Devon Cream!
I'd already stocked up on this tea party necessity 
and can't wait to see if it tastes as good as 
Devon Cream in England!

 Digestives Anyone?

It's always nice to have digestives on hand 
in case some "pops" over for a cuppa!

 Scottish Tea Cakes

I've spotted these cute little Scottish tea cakes by Tunnock's 
in Emma Bridgewater's Diamond Jubilee photo styling.
I bought them awhile back for the Jubilee Weekend...
but they didn't last a day in our house!
They are "ooey-gooey" good!
Best way I can describe them is, they're  like a chocolate, 
marshmallow covered biscuit.  

 Scottish Shortbread

Well, the Queen loves Balmoral Castle, Scotland and her Corgis 
so these little Scottie Dogs are perfect for a Jubilee Celebration!
They're not Corgis but they're sure cute!

 Spot of tea?

What's your favorite cuppa?  
There's plenty of good British brand tea 
to stock-up on in the tea aisle. 

I enjoyed visiting the
British "aisles" today but left empty handed since I'm already 
stocked up for the big Jubilee weekend.   
It was fun to see a Diamond Jubilee display though 
on this side of the pond!


Martha said...

Oh, wow - great display...haven't seen anything similar on this side of the US, but I will have to keep my eyes open today when I am out!!

Teresa Parkins said...

Mmmmm.....Tunnock's Tea of my favourites. Well you've done it again, Lisette, I must away and pop the kettle on, I think I can hear a packet of Tunnock's calling to me from the cupboard:-)
Delicious post - as always.

Ann said...

How fun!
I used to love Cost Plus World Market when I lived in Texas.