Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fit for a Queen!

Victoria Sponge Anyone?  

It's Queen Victoria's birthday today...
so I think this calls for some Victoria Sponge!

 Queen Victoria

Yes, Victoria Sponge is named after Queen Victoria
and it was her favorite cake!

Whenever I visit London, 
I love to walk the grounds of Kensington Palace and see the 
Queen Victoria statue.  

Last year after tea at the Orangery
I could not find the Queen Victoria statue.  I discovered after our trip that the statue 
was being re-stored during Kensington Palace's two year refurbishment. 

The Queen Victoria statue was erected in 1893
The statue suffered shrapnel damage during World War II 
and has been now restored to her former glory.  
 I will look for her again on my next trip to London!

 Victoria Sponge 

On our trip to England last year,
I tasted Victoria Sponge for the first time at
 The Orangery at Kensington Palace 
(photo above)
and  at 
in the Jane Austen Center in Bath, England
(top photo).
Both Victoria Sponges were
 "fit for a Queen"!

Did you know that,
Queen Elizabeth II 
is Queen Victoria's great-great-great granddaughter and 
 Victoria Sponge
 is one of Queen Elizabeth's favorite cakes, too!

I'm off now to my kitchen to practice making 
Mini Victoria Sponge Cakes
for my upcoming Diamond Jubilee tea parties!  

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