Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Jubilee Countdown

 Jubilee Dress Rehearsal

 is now just days away 
so I'm in dress rehearsal mode 
trying out a few new recipes for my 
Jubilee tea party.

 Mini Victoria Sponge Cakes

My Jubilee tea party menu is very traditional 
and includes both sweets and savory.
are sure to be the "star" of the celebration!

 The Ingredients

It's always good advice to buy the best ingredients you can.
With this recipe, 
you really want to splurge and buy the best strawberry jam 

I went with Wilkin & Sons Ltd. 
They hold a royal warrant...
so if it's good enough for the Queen
it's good enough for me!


The mini cakes are made in a British mini-sandwich tin.
Here in the States, 
you can use a mini-cheesecake pan for the same results. 

Don't worry if your cakes bake too high 
and you end up with muffin tops.
Just take a serrated knife and cut the tops off and then you'll have 
the perfect shape and size.

Mini Sponges

You'll end up with perfect little sponge cakes
(like these)
thanks to their baking pan's design with straight sides. 

Mini Victoria Sandwiches

After the cakes have cooled on a rack, 
you cut each cake in half 
and layer on buttercream 
and then a teaspoon of strawberry jam.

Fit for a Queen!

The last step is to lightly dust the cakes with icing sugar 
and they're ready for your tea table!
And yes,
this recipe truly is
"fit for a Queen"!

(In the photos:  Emma Bridgewater Diamond Jubilee & Union Jack Pottery and Betty and Barclay Union Jack Bunting.)


Martha said...

I will have to try these - love your Bridgewater pieces
Happy Jubilee!!!

Stephanie said...

The sponge cakes look so delicious! and your Bridgewater Jubilee pieces are great!