Friday, June 1, 2012

Long May She Reign!

 Coronation Chicken Sandwiches

I'm doing my best planning and preparing to serve up a 
"proper" English tea
this Diamond Jubilee Weekend.

Yesterday between polishing the silver and starching the doilies, 
I practiced making Coronation chicken tea sandwiches. 

My tea sandwiches are inspired by the famous Coronation Chicken recipe 
created by Constance Spry for the 
Queen's Coronation lunch in 1953.

Coronation Sauce

Coronation Chicken Tea Sandwiches
Makes 6 sandwiches to cut into smaller tea sizes

2 chicken breasts, rubbed with Madras curry paste 
and roasted in a 350F oven until a meat thermometer registers 160F.  
Let the chicken cool.  Next shred the chicken and cut into a small dice size.

For the sauce:
1/4 C. Mayonnaise
1/4 C. Sour Creme
2 T. Mango Chutney
1 T. Madras Curry Paste (I used Patak's brand) 
2 T. Chopped fresh Coriander
6 Dried Apricots chopped

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and season to taste.  
(I prefer a bit more spice and if you do, too,
just add more curry, chutney and coriander.)
Add the chicken, mix well.

For the tea sandwiches:
Lightly spread softened butter on the bread slices
and then a light spreading of mayonnaise.

Fill with the Coronation Chicken mix.
Press down slightly and cut into squares, triangles or fingers using a serrated knife. 

Garnish with watercress.
Serve and enjoy!

As for Queen Elizabeth II,
I truly admire her. 
Long May She Reign!

As for my Wedgwood Embossed Queen's Ware
1953 Coronation Tea Set...
can you believe I found it covered in dust in an Oregon antique shop
last year.  It had never even been used.
I think it would have made a lovely wedding gift to
the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge don't you?
Sorry Wills and Kate,
I'm keeping it!

(In the photos:  Vintage Wedgwood 1953 Coronation Tea Set and
Wedgwood Queen's Ware Edme Sandwich Tray.)


Stephanie said...

Your service is beautiful. We were in England a couple of days before the Jubilee and I wished somehow that we could have stayed for this fabulous event!

Teresa Parkins said...

That is a "proper" English tea to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee and no mistake!