Monday, March 9, 2015

Savouring the Seasons

The farm is a place
down the dirt rode
where the animals are kept
and our food is grown

by Lisette King 
June 15, 1973

I think I was destined to live by a farm...

I made this plaque when I was 13 years old with a magazine photo of a farm.  Even though I was raised a Bay Area city girl...I've always had a love for farming. I attribute my love for farms to my dad who grew up on a 100 acre farm outside of Waynesburg, Pennsylvania.  

All my life, I've lived in the suburbs.  Not anymore.  Now I live close to the country where farms are just down the road.  About two years ago, we moved(for my husband's job)to a small town in rural Northern California where I've been adjusting to a more country way of life.  And that life is good.  

I never meant to take such a long break from blogging here but it happened.  I am back now and inspired in a slightly new direction.  So I am continuing this blog but have given it a new name, Savouring the Seasons.  I hope you'll join me in savouring the seasons in my kitchen, through my lens and in my travels. 

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