Saturday, November 15, 2008

Louis Vuitton Window Shopping

Louis Vuitton
Westfield Galleria at Roseville

The French call it "faire du leche vitrines". We Americans call it window-shopping.

Today I spent the afternoon window-shopping at the new 400,000 square foot ($260 million) expansion at the Galleria mall.

LV window display

I naturally headed over first to the world's most famous French label boutique, Louis Vuitton. The new LV boutique at the Galleria is 4, 000 square feet and is fully stocked. There are plenty of handbags for all the "good-girls" on Santa's list!

Tivoli PM Handbag

This is my new favorite LV handbag!
(I snuck this photo to give to Santa!)

Louis Vuitton

I even window shopped inside the new LV boutique today. I had to wait in a short line to be let in. The door man only allows so many shoppers in at one time. There were also about three guards within the store, too.

Lisa a very nice LV sales associate waited on me today. I have always wanted a real LV handbag but have waned since there are so many young girls carrying knock offs these days. The funny thing is whenever I am in Paris, I actually see more ladies carrying Burberry handbags than Louis Vuitton's!

The handbag I liked best today was the Tivoli PM bag. It is a classic brown LV monogram bag with a bit of a modern edge to it. I asked Lisa if it was made in France. I was stunned when she said "No. It is made here in the USA". Wow... that really surprised me. I did some research tonight and oui, there is a LV production facility in San Dimas (Los Angeles County), CA.
I am sure the LV US production team are all expertly trained in the LV French way. I just happen to like my French handbags to be made in France. (You may call this French snobbery if you like!) I bet if I were to buy the Tivoli PM bag in Paris it would come from a French factory then. Hmm...more to ponder. Well, I have plenty of time to figure out this handbag dilemma. I am saving up birthday money and brownie-points to get a French handbag for my big 50th birthday. It is just over a year away and my fingers are crossed that I will get to shop for the handbag in Paris!

For now I am happy just window-shopping!
Next time you are at the Galleria...have fun window shopping at Louis Vuitton!
Galleria at Roseville
Upper level # 1150


Anonymous said...

I had no idea Louis was coming to Roseville. Thanks for the update!

Unknown said...

Hi Dolcechic, You will love the LV boutique and more upscale stores including Burberry and Tiffany are set to open Spring 2009!

Knitique Girl said...

I totally agree. French handbags should be made in France!