Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Knitting Daily TV

Make Time for Yarn Everyday!

I have exciting news for all knitters in the Sacramento region...

our local PBS station finally picked up the show Knitting Daily TV on KVIE (Comcast channel 7). It airs on Tuesday mornings at 9:30am.

The first series began today with episode #101 Lux & Luscious. Next week episode #102 Sweater features designer Michelle Rose Orne author of Inspired to Knit.

Each show features these segments: Getting Started, Designer Spotlight, How-To, You Asked It and Knit Along.

Juliet Scarf and Flower Pin

I can't wait for episode #103 Amazing Lace and the Designer Spotlight segment with my favorite British knitting designer, Louisa Harding. She will share with us her inspiration for her book Knitting Little Luxuries (yes, I own it) and will teach us how to make a knit flower pin for her pretty Juliet lace scarf.

Knitting Daily TV

The Knitting Daily TV slogan says it all...

Make Time for Yarn Everyday!

Let's keep Knitting Daily TV airing in our region. Be sure to spread the word and tell all of your fiber friends to watch or TiVo it. You can also visit the show's website for free pattern downloads!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping me in the know! I am so glad I found your blog!