Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Grand Marnier Cocktail Macaroons

Grand Marnier Cocktail Macaroons

Ooh, la, la...macaroons for the over 21 crowd!

I was perusing the December issue of Food Wine and I spotted these macaroons in the Holiday Gift Guide. Leave it to the French to come up with this unique concoction for macaroons just in time for the holiday party scene.

Grand Marnier has teamed up with Payard Patisserie to release it's luxury Grand Marnier Cocktail Macaroons, inspired by four signature Grand Marnier cocktails: The Grand Cosmo, the Grand Margarita, the Grand Mojito and the Orange Crush.

Grand Marnier Orange Crush Macaroons
(Macaroons inspired by the drink Orange Crush)

The macaroons are available exclusively at Payard Patisserie in New York and are available for holiday gift shipment nationwide. The macaroon fillings do have minimal Grand Marnier alcohol so you must be 21 years of age to purchase.
I looked at both Payard and Grand Marnier's websites for more information. I could not find any information on either site. Perhaps they won't be advertised until December? Or have they already sold out?

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