Sunday, November 9, 2008

Kusmi Tea at Anthropolgie

Kusmi Tea display at Anthropologie

Special announcement for all French tea aficionados... Kusmi tea is now available at Anthropologie stores.

For years I have admired the gorgeous Kusmi tea tins in Paris. Earlier this year I started drinking Kusmi tea and love it. Not many stores carry this lux French brand tea in America so I was delighted to see it last night at my local Anthropologie.

I love browsing Anthropolgie just for it's visual beauty and ambiance. I always love their creative displays and merchandise. Naturally their visual team did a neat tea display showcasing the Kusmi tea along side some great looking monogram tea mugs and tea books.

I am not sure how long Anthropolgie will be carrying their assortment of Kusmi Tea. I suggest snagging a caddy or two while you can. ($18.00 each)

Be sure to let me know which tea blend becomes your favorite Kusmi French the' (tea)!

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