Thursday, April 5, 2012

Let's Make Candied Peel

 Candied Peel

When your grocer doesn't have candied peel
what do you do...
make your own!  

  I went to the market yesterday with a grocery list for Easter baking.  
On my list was candied peel.

Naturally most grocers (at least in the States) only carry candied peel 
and candied fruits during the holiday season for fruitcakes, etc.
Instead of driving 30 miles to a specialty grocer,
I decided to make my own.

I researched British, American and French recipes 
and they all virtually use the same method.  
Here's a quick method of how I made my Candied Peel:

Candied Peel

 1)  Wash the citrus fruit.  
Use a sharp vegetable peeler and peel the fruit in long peels 
leaving the white pith on the fruit. 

 2)  Julienne in to strips or leave as whole peels.

 3)  Cook peels until tender in a boiling pot of water. 
This takes about 10 minutes. 

 4)  Transfer peels with a slotted spoon to a wire rack 
to dry for about 15 minutes.

 5)  Bring to boil equal parts water and sugar 
and boil over high heat to dissolve sugar. 
Add peels and simmer until peels turns translucent and 
the syrup thickens.  This takes about 10 minutes. 

6)  Transfer peels with a slotted spoon to a wire rack 
placed on a baking sheet.  Separate the pieces as needed. 
Let peel dry for 1 hour and dust in sugar to coat. 

I made a small batch of candied peel using just one orange and one lemon.  
I used Martha Stewart's recipe for Candied Citrus Peels 
as my recipe guide. 

Now tomorrow, 
 I'm ready to bake some Easter treats!

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