Monday, March 26, 2012

Long May She Reign!

 Diamond Jubilee Tin

The Diamond Jubilee
celebrations for 
are now just a few months away.
The official Jubilee Weekend Celebration is June 2nd - 5th, 2012.

I wish I could be in London for all the Diamond Jubilee celebrations!
Since I haven't figured out a way to get to London,
I've decided to celebrate here at home...
all Jubilee Weekend long.

Naturally my celebrations will include tea parties and luncheons.
I've already stocked up on tea from my favorite British tea purveyor,
I love that they have a website for American shoppers now 
with affordable postage rates from the UK.

I couldn't resist Whittard's shiny blue Diamond Jubilee Tin
especially since I have their Golden Jubilee Tin
from my trip to London in 2002.

Golden Jubilee Tin

As much as I love Whittard of Chelsea, 
I must admit, 
I wish their Diamond Jubilee Tin 
was more like their 2002 Golden Jubilee Tin.

Whittard's Golden Jubilee Tin was a larger tea caddy and 
was filled with two Golden Jubilee loose teas,
selected by Giles Hilton, Whittard Tea Master,
to commemorate that special occasion.

I am excited though to have the Diamond Jubilee Tin.
It comes filled with 40 English Breakfast teabags
which I will enjoy now and on the Jubilee Weekend.

Long May She Reign!

Now I'm excited to spend the next few months 
planning my Diamond Jubilee menu and parties.
Thanks to my knitting pen pal, Teresa in England,
my Diamond Jubilee menu will include an authentic
Coronation Chicken recipe!

I'll be sure to share ideas and tips 
over the next few months.
My first tip is...
  treat yourself to some Whittard of Chelsea tea!

(In the photos:  Emma Bridgewater Union Jack Pottery and Spode Blue Italian & Blue Room.)


Stephanie said...

I haven't plan anything for the jubilee weekend and didn't knew the date! We were planning a weekend trip in London in May, but I am wondering if the timing will be appropriate...
I will be working starting from now on a small program in order to celebrate properly this date!

Teresa said...

Well this just delightful that you will be helping the celebrations and they are planned for the weekend of 2 June through to Tuesday 5 June. Our late May Bank Holiday has been moved to 4th June and the following day is the Queen's Diamond Jubile Bank Holiday. So that will make a lovely long holiday weekend for us. I'm looking forward to keeping up with all your plans here and will start posting some Jubilee things on my, usually, just knitting blog soon.