Monday, March 19, 2012

Just What the Doctor Ordered!

Fauchon French Treats!

My hand surgery went very well
 but I will be recovering for awhile.

To speed up my recovery
I'm enjoying Fauchon "French treats"!  
I think they are just what the doctor ordered!

     An Afternoon in Paris

Every afternoon, 
I'm enjoying my favorite Fauchon tea 
"An Afternoon in Paris"
that I picked up at the Fauchon store in Paris last year.


I'm also enjoying a few extra treats 
that were an unexpected find here in the States.
I was so excited about this Fauchon find...
I just had to share it with you!

currently has some Fauchon products in their food section.
(You rarely find Fauchon products in the US.)

At my local Home Goods, I spotted Biscuits, 
Chocolates, Chocolate Orange sauce 
and Cafe Choc gourmet coffee.
I believe these products are all overstock
 from the 2011 Christmas season
with expiration dates for later in the year.  
So now I begin my day with a gourmet latte' 
made with Fauchon's 
Cafe Choc ground coffee.   
The label on the bottom reads:
Cafe de Noel moulu saveur chocolat.
This special-blend Christmas coffee
is flavored with cocoa nibs.

I love the back and white Fauchon tin that the coffee is packaged in.
The coffee labels peel off, 
so I will be re-cycling this tin as a tea caddy,
I'm sure!

I'm also enjoying 
"les biscuits"
from Fauchon...
delicious little French cookies
stamped with Fauchon's signature letter F. 

If you have a Home Goods near you...
rush down soon
 so you can enjoy some Fauchon 
French treats,too! 


Stephanie said...

I am happy to ready you're all right. I see you have some good action plans to make your recovery even better! Take care.

Unknown said...

Merci, Stephanie!