Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Good Earth


Today is Earth Day.

I believe we should all do our best to live "green" 
and be kind to the good Earth!

As a crafter, I'm always thinking of how to be creative and up-cycle.  
Recently, I ran across some Emma Bridgewater catalogs that I had saved. 
 They are filled with such beautiful photographs on nice quality paper 
that I just can't seem to throw them away.


So now, I'm recycling Emma's catalog pages and turning them into cards,
 tags and decorations for my tea and recipe albums.

Emma's darling mug photographs with "mum" hand-painted on them,
recently inspired me to make my mother 
her birthday and Mother's Day cards this year. 

We're not British but quite proud of our family ancestry in England 
so my mom loved her "Best Mum" birthday card!

Up-cycled with Love

I even decorated the card envelopes and back of the cards 
with cut-outs (from the catalog)
and rubber-stamped hearts.

And, of course, moms save everything you make them 
so these cards will stay out of the landfill for a long time!


Being a tea lover and concerned about the land fill, 
I just can't seem to throw out pretty tea caddies either.
I'm always thinking of ways to re-use them like holding
pens & pencils and even straight knitting needles.

Another clever idea...
is to reuse your tea caddies as flower vases
at your tea and garden parties!

Good Earth Tea

And since it's Earth Day,
I'm drinking Good Earth tea.

Growing up a California "Bay Area" girl,
I loved the Good Earth's
"sweet and spicy" iced tea 
served at Good Earth restaurants back in the late 1970's.
Thankfully today, I can buy the tea at my local grocery store.  

So lets all be good to the earth everyday 
and think of creative ways we can all 
live "green" by following the Three R's:
reduce, reuse and recycle. 

we can make a difference!

(In the photos:  Emma Bridgewater Hearts Tea Cup & Saucer and
French Glass Tea Mug.)

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Teresa said...

What a lot of celebrations here on your Tete-a-Tete blog and each one so distinctive and you seem to have the perfect tea and china to party in style. Your blog is absolutely delightful!