Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jamie's Tea

 So Refreshing!

There's nothing like an iced tea on a hot summer afternoon!

Today I brewed up a pot of Mango and Passion Fruit Tea by Jamie Oliver's company Jme

Jamie's tea caught my attention awhile back at my local Williams Sonoma store.  While out shopping yesterday I noticed it was on sale from $29.99 to only $7.99 so naturally I couldn't pass it up!  Since my tea cupboard is quite well stocked these days, I decided to try his Mango and Passion Fruit Tea because I thought it would be wonderful iced.  I was right.

Here are a few of my tips for making iced tea:

Steeping the tea

Always use premium loose teas for making iced teas.  I use one teaspoon of tea for every cup.

To avoid a mess,  use a large tea filter and keep it securely closed with a teeli click.   Steep for the proper brewing time of the tea your using.

Today, Jamie's tea steeped to a beautiful pink color in 4 minutes time.

 Icing the tea

Quite often iced tea becomes cloudy after you make it. 

The best way to avoid cloudy tea, is after the tea has steeped, immediately put ice cubes in it.  I find this method works every time. 

The` a la mangue et aux fruits de la passion

Jamie's Mango and Passion Fruit Tea is a melange of premium black tea and dried fruit pieces.  Jamie selected Taiwanese tea specialists Smith & Hsu to blend his teas.  The teas come packaged in sleek modern metal tea caddies which are reusable.  

I enjoyed this tea iced and sweetened with sugar. It is a very light and tropical tasting tea.

They say...
 fruit infusion teas are very beneficial to ones health. 

So drink up!

(In the photos:  French Bee glass, Emma Bridgewater Hearts Sugar Bowl and Liberty of London Poppy fabric.)

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