Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yorkshire Tea Loaf

Tea & Cake

One of my favorite things about travelling to Great Britain
is learning about tea and tea time traditions. 

While travelling in England this year, I enjoyed a tea break
or afternoon tea nearly everyday. 

I came home with wonderful
tea time ideas along with a few souvenirs.

 Cold Tea Loaf

Besides carrying home an Emma Bridgewater Tea Pot,
I also carried home...
a Cold Yorkshire Tea Loaf!

I purchased my tea loaf at The Yorkshire Pantry in York, England.

York is famous for Bettys Tea Room (yes, I had afternoon tea there)  and Yorkshire Tea, so I wanted to buy a packaged Yorkshire Tea Tea Loaf to bring home.  It was out of stock, so the clerk recommended another Yorkshire Tea Loaf  handmade by The Harrogate Cake Co. instead.  (Mums the word...they told me it was even a better tea loaf!)

I hand carried my Yorkshire tea loaf further on our journey to Scotland,
Paris and then home to the States.  It made it home beautifully...
and all in one piece!

All Gone!

I now know what a real Yorkshire Cold Tea Loaf tastes like and
 can't wait to make them at home. 

And if you're an American and wondering about the name, Cold Tea Loaf...
it's called that because the fruits (currants, sultanas and mixed peel) are steeped overnight in strong Yorkshire Tea to plump up.  You then bake it the next day.

So now I'm on a search for an authentic Yorkshire Tea Loaf recipe. 

I recently found a British recipe in Good Food magazine by Mary Berry for a Family Fruit Teabread.  She soaks her fruit over night in Earl Grey tea.  I am going to try her recipe using Yorkshire Tea instead.  I'll let you know how it turns out. 

Yorkshire Tea

P.S. Yes, Yorkshire Tea tastes better in Yorkshire!

(In the photos:  Emma Bridgewater Union Jack Tea Pot, mug and Black Toast Crumbs plate.)


Ruth said...

How fun! I definitely want to try the perfect recipe when you find it. Oh, how I wish we lived closer.

Giles Bennett said...

Very pleased to hear that you liked the Harrogate Cake Co's cake you bought from us - and that it survived the trip back to the States (if not very much longer thereafter!).

Should you need a top-up of Yorkshire Tea then drop us an email - we're more than happy to ship to the States!

All the best,

The Yorkshire Pantry

Anonymous said...


As the owner of the Harrogate Cake Company I was delighted to see that our Cold Tea Loaves are getting a following so far afield.
Glad you enjoyed it & thank you for your kind comments....was so excited to hear how the recommendation came to you too - that's a real compliment !
Heather Cawthorne