Thursday, August 11, 2011


Lemon Cloud Cake

Miette is the French word for crumb. 

Miette is also the name of San Francisco's most charming pastry shop! 

I was in "the City" last weekend and had to stop by Miette for a macaron fix!

Sweet Treats

I've adored Miette from the moment I walked up to the macaron counter a few years ago
in San Francisco's Ferry Building Marketplace

When you visit Miette in the Ferry Building, you'll feel as though you are in a tiny Parisian candy shop.  I love all their sweet treats and their pretty Laduree green interior. 

More Cake Please

Miette has something to satisfy every one's sweet tooth.  Their counter case is filled with cupcakes, tarts, cookies, cakes, macarons, candies and confections.

My standard order are their Parisian macarons. 

I love looking at their beautiful cakes in their online shop.  I've longed to order a Miette cake for my birthday sometime.  Maybe this year I will visit "the City" and pick one up or better yet....
I can make one now! 

The chef/owner of Miette, Meg Ray has just shared her baking secrets in her new book,  Miette.  It's an adorable book, just like her shop!  I adore the unique design of the book with its pretty scalloped pages.

Parisian Macarons

Can't get to Paris...
and need a macaron fix, too? 

Well, you can now make your own Parisian macarons right at home.

All you need are the right tools and Miette's new book.

 In the book there are recipes for eight different flavored macarons.  Merci, Meg!

Miette also offers classes throughout the year, too.  Sign me up!

Lemon Tea Cake

Tea and cake please!

Miette's Lemon Tea Cakes look delicious and perfect for when a friend "pops" over
for a visit at tea time.

Miette's tea cake is a buttery lemon pound cake, topped off with zesty lemony icing. Luckily for us, Meg has included the recipe in the book so we can make it at home.

I can't wait to put the kettle on and serve this cake to a friend with a good "cuppa"!

Walnut Shortbread Cookies

I couldn't help but "spot" these cookies in their adorable packaging. 

These Walnut Shortbread Cookies look perfect for keeping on hand in the biscuit barrel!

Again, luckily for us...
you can find this cookie recipe in the book, too. 

Miette Patisserie

When you visit San Francisco be sure to stop by Miette
 at the Ferry Building Marketplace. 

Just look for the pretty pink sign! 

PS:  You can also pick up baking supplies at Sur La Table in the Marketplace, too.


Patty said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful post about Miette! I purchased the book awhile ago and hadn't heard of this wonderful bakery before. I can't wait to get to the City and try some of her macaron's! Everything looks great!

Ruth said...

I will be sure and try the lavendar shortbread when we go there!:)

madhu said...

Very disappointed that that book is full of errors. Do wait until October for the second release.