Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Teeli Click

Time for The` Glace
(French Iced Tea)

It's the heat of summer...
so I'm drinking a lot of iced tea!

As a California girl, I grew up on Lipton (instant) iced tea.  
There was always a huge cooler of good 'ole Lipton in our ski boat
on every trip out on the water. 

Today, I prefer to make my iced tea with premium loose teas. 
 I enjoy Yorkshire Tea iced and I love to experiment with French teas
 for The` Glaces (French Iced Teas).

Teeli Click!

On my latest trip to Paris,
I discovered the neatest little tea gadget for making tea. 
It's called  Teeli Click

Teeli Clicks are the perfect accompaniment to tea filter bags.  The Teeli Click is a little clip that "snaps" like a barrette.  You just "click-it" on your tea filter bag to close it and "voila"...no more messy tea leaves. 

I love using my Teeli Click with large tea filters for making a pitcher of iced tea.  It comes on a little chain with a hook so you can hook it on your glass tea pot while steeping your tea.  

I found my Teeli Clicks at Le Palais de The`s in Paris
It's another one of my favorite tea shops in le Marais...
just a few blocks away from Mariage Freres

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