Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The French Art of Tea

French The`

It's Bastille Day this Thursday so ,oui,
I'm drinking French the` (tea) all week! 

It's no secret...
Mariage Freres is my favorite French tea purveyor. 

Mariage Freres was founded in 1854 in Paris and they are the oldest tea importer in France. 

L` Art Francais Du The`
(The French Art of Tea)

Today, Mariage Freres offers over 500 teas. 

With over 500 tea varieties, shopping for tea at Mariages Freres can be overwhelming.  That's why I rely on their book The French Art of Tea.

The French Art of Tea is a knowledgeable guide that navigates you through the world of Mariage Freres teas.  It's pages are filled with history and invaluable information for French tea aficionados.  My favorite part of the book are the teas themselves with their descriptions and blend names.

I  always use this book for making my "tea shopping list" whenever I visit Paris!

Mariage Freres
30 Rue du Bourg-Tibourg

My favorite place to shop for Mariage Freres tea is their original location
in the le Marias district of Paris. 

Here in the States, you can find a few of their blends
(in their famous brown caddies)
at Williams Sonoma stores. 

Since I live in Northern California, I normally replenish my stock at:
Market Hall Foods in Oakland , CA 
 The Pasta Shop in Berkeley, CA
Dean and Deluca in St. Helena, CA

All three California stores where I shop, have the best selection of Mariage Freres
that I've seen outside of Paris.  I must tell you though...
nothing beats the experience of shopping at Mariage Freres in Paris!

Vive' la France
Mariage Freres!


Jodi Larsen said...

I am enjoying a cup of Jasmine Pearls right now! Best tea ever.

Frank Zweegers said...

Great read!