Friday, October 24, 2008

Thrown Together by Kim Hargreaves

Aimee Poncho
This is not your Grandmother's knitting!

Did you know that there is a big revival in the needle arts? My favorite needle art is knitting.

I learned to knit, like most knitters, as a young girl from my Great Grandmother. I knit in the 1970's when crafting was really big. Then I quit knitting. I don't know why.

Robin classic beret

It wasn't until I was in my forties that I picked up the knitting needles again. While traveling to England I fell in love with British yarns and British knitting designers.

When I tell people that I am obsessed with knitting, I know what they are grandmotherly! Unless your are a knitter, most people seem to conjure up some grandmotherly image of old-fashioned, home-made knitting. Let me tell you, this is not your Grandmother's knitting. Knitting is quite couture today.

Robin Beret

All of these images are fabulous designs by British designer Kim Hargreaves. The photos certainly look like they could have stepped right out of Vogue fashion magazine!

These examples are from her collection and new book for Autumn "Thrown Together". Her concept with the collection is to mix it up, throw your clothes together and have fun.
Thrown Together

I would love to knit the Aimee poncho and the Robin beret. How about you?

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