Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Petite French Tea Cakes


There's nothing like a Madeleine dipped in your favorite tea! 

Madeleines are elegant petite French tea cakes that originate from the Lorraine region of France.  They are baked in special scallop shaped molds.  They are one of my favorite holiday tea time treats to bake. 

Madeleines are soft and buttery with lightly crisped edges.  Here are my tips to make these lovely little tea cakes:

Madeleine Tips

Always use the best quality ingredients. 

Use an authentic Madeleine pan.

Always butter and flour your molds generously for every batch.

Do not over bake!

My recipes calls to bake Madeleines for 16 minutes.  I find mine are perfect at only 12 minutes.  Oven and cook times can vary so experiment to see what works best for you.

There are many Madeleine recipes and variations available to try.  I use a Madeleine recipe from Bon Appetit.  You can purchase French Madeleine pans at Sur La Table

Esprit De Noel Tea
(Spirit of Christmas)

Madeleines are best enjoyed the same or next day.  In my house they don't make it to the next day!  I hope you enjoy this recipe and don't forget to dip them in your favorite tea!  At Christmas time, I love them dipped in Mariage Freres Esprit De Noel tea! 

(In the photos:  Lenox Holiday Collection china, Madeleine mold, & Mariage Freres Noel tea.) 

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Annemieke said...

Lisette, I wish for you a wonderful and stupendous New Year and look forward to sharing a cuppa tea or two in 2011.