Tuesday, January 4, 2011


 Teavana's Tea Wall

Once you discover the wonderful world of loose leaf teas...there's no going back to boring tea bags. 

I do admit, there are times when I'll grab a Yorkshire or PG Tips tea bag for a quick cuppa but I much prefer to drink loose leaf teas. 

A wonderful place to discover and try the world of loose tea is Teavana.  Perhaps you are lucky and have a Teavana at your local mall.  In my region, I have two Teavana locations in nearby malls.  I am really impressed with Teavana's premium tea selection and tea merchandise.

Tea Cart

At the Teavana store, you are always greeted by an adorable tea cart for complimentary tea tasting.  There are generally two different teas to sample.  I've never met a tea sample there that I didn't like!

I hope you are able to visit a Teavana location where you live.  If not, you can always peruse their wonderful web site and online store.  They also have a tea blog Heaven of Tea.

And, since it is the start of a new year...

A tea toast to drinking and discovering
the wonderful world of tea!

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Ruth said...

We have one in Tulsa!