Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Teapot Trivets

 Royal Winton Teapot & Trivet

I think every tea table should have a teapot trivet.  This is not just the tea lover in me speaking but the interior designer in me.  Did you know that heat and moisture can be most damaging to your beautiful wood dining table?  If you set a hot pot of tea directly on your wood table you could end up with white cloudy stains in your wood's finish.

So do yourself a favor and use a teapot trivet when serving a hot pot of tea!

I have a fondness for vintage china for my tea parties so I love sleuthing around antique shops for vintage teapot trivets.  Here are a few from my personal collection:

 Antique German Trivet

This pretty trivet is perfect for mixing & matching with all my floral patterns.

 Antique Spode Camilla-Blue Trivet

I'm a huge collector of Blue & White Spode.  This rare trivet is perfectly suited for any blue & white Spode teapot with a round base.

 Antique German Trivet

I love roses so this trivet is lovely with all my pretty rose teapots.

Do you use a teapot trivet? 
I would love to hear about your favorite ones!

(In the photos:  Royal Winton (new 1995) Old Cottage Teapot & Trivet, vintage German trivet, vintage Spode (older blue mark) Camilla Blue trivet, and vintage German trivet, unmarked.)

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Annemieke said...

Love the idea of using the beautiful trivet's. I plan on keeping my eye out for one of these for myself.