Sunday, December 7, 2008

Walkers Miniature Mincemeat Tarts

Mincemeat Tarts
Perfect for a Holiday Tea Party!

I love British Christmas traditions. For years, I have saved traditional English recipes for Christmastime baking and teatime. One of my favorite magazines to pick up during the holiday season is the BBC's Good Food December issue.

Living in sunny California it is hard to think about Christmas baking when it is warm and sunny outside. When our weather does turn cold it is often, too, late to turn out proper English treats. Most traditional English recipes like fruitcake, puddings and mincemeat need proper time to age. "Stir Up Sunday" was a few weeks ago which is the traditional day to start your Christmas puddings. Of course, I missed it!

Last month my knitting friend Ruth in Oklahoma told me that she was making mincemeat for pies for the holiday season. She has her Grandmother's handed-down recipe and makes mincemeat every year with her Mother. I love that. Inspired by Ruth's baking, I recently purchased Walkers Miniature Mincemeat tarts for the holidays. 

Walkers Luxury Miniature Mincemeat Tarts

So if you're like me and would like a taste of an English Christmas but ran out of time to bake, check out the wonderful range of packaged goodies from Walkers. If you are a fan of Scottish are sure to recognize their packaging!

Walkers Mincemeat Tarts are baked in a village in the Scottish Highlands. Their mincemeat recipe is a combination of apples, currants, sultanas, candied citrus peels & spices...and they really taste homemade!

Happy Holidays!


Ruth said...

Lets plan to do "Stir Up" Sunday together next year!

The Garden Supper Club said...

You should definitely check out a gorgeous little tearoom in london called Tete a Tete, it is so scrumptious! The website is a bit pants but the place is sooo cute! Love your blog xx

The Garden Supper Club said...

Actually having looked at it again, the website is actually v sweet!

Unknown said...

Hi Ruth, That sounds like a great plan!

Unknown said...

Hi Emilloo, Thank you for telling me about Cafe Tete a Tete. I can't wait to have coffee there the next time I visit London!