Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Tree Traditions!

Our Little Spode Christmas Tree

Did you know that decorating and "lighting" up a Christmas tree is an old German tradition?

German Christmas traditions became popular in England during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901). Queen Victoria was almost entirely German descent and was raised with German Christmas traditions. It is her husband though, Prince Albert who is credited with popularizing decorating Christmas trees in England, a tradition he brought from his native German homeland.

In my family growing up, it was always a big outing going to the Christmas tree lot to pick out our tree. Our trees varied through the years but our decorations never did. My Mom saved every ornament my sister and I ever made. Our Christmas trees were always decorated with home-made ornaments, family vintage ornaments, garland and candy canes.

I love Christmas ornaments. I started collecting them way back in high school. I have many different types from country to tea-theme Victorian ones. I used to love decorating different theme trees with them. It's hard to confess but this year the ornaments are still in boxes and I put up a pre-decorated Spode Tree from FTD.

Pre-decorated trees do seem a bit commercial, I know. I really do feel like I am cheating especially since I am a designer putting up a pre-decorated tree. It does however bring convenience and a spirit of Christmas to our little home for my husband and me.

Anthropologie's Christmas Tree

So if you are looking for a designer-inspired creative Christmas tree don't come looking at our house this year. Maybe next year?

For a real head stopper tree though, check out Anthropolgie's idea of a Christmas tree. At least, there are some designers out there still getting creative!

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