Sunday, April 13, 2008

Victoria returns!

The return of an old friend...Victoria Magazine!

Victoria magazine was/is my favorite magazine. It's premier issue was it's Spring/Summer 1987 edition. Victoria's first cover said it all " Return to Loveliness...Beautiful, Enchanting Ways to Enrich Your Life". It truly did enrich my life for nearly 16 years.

Victoria magazine was an authority on romantic living, home and garden, fashion, beauty, collectibles and travel. It's pages were filled with everything I am passionate about.

Victoria arrived in the mail once a month. She was like a wonderful friend coming over for tea each month. She would inspire me. She shared special places with me. She had the best ideas and recipes for me. She was filled with the most beautiful photography I had ever seen in a magazine. I treasured Victoria so much that I kept every single issue.

Back in the early 1990's, one month my trusted friend Victoria did not arrive. I was frantic. Where could she be? I telephoned Hearst Magazines to ask where she was. I was told there was a flood where the magazines where stored. I was also told there were no more issues available for circulation that month. I desperately wanted that issue!

Then one lucky day, I was on a house call as an interior designer. That is where I found my missing issue. My client Linda loved Victoria, too. I noticed her Victoria magazines out on display. I told her my saga. Linda being the wonderfully kind woman she is, generously gave up her copy to me. Thanks to Victoria collection was complete once again!

Victoria magazine truly inspired my life and dreams in so many ways. It introduced me to travel ideas to England and France. (I finally started travelling to both in 2001.) It celebrated taking time for tea. (I have lovely tea parties now.) It's monthly feature "favorite things" quickly became my favorite things, too!

Back then Victoria and I were good pals. I was so excited each month when she would arrive. I had a ritual with my friend matter what I was doing, the moment she arrived, I would drop everything and sit down with her.

Then one day, without warning, my good friend Victoria quit visiting me. That was back in 2003, when Hearst magazines ceased it's production. Like so many devoted readers, I grieved. I treasured this magazine. I tried to find another like Victoria but there was no substitute.

Then one day, out of the blue, Victoria returns! Last fall, I received a post card that Victoria was returning. I was elated. I subscribed immediately. I could not wait for my old friend Victoria to come for a visit. This time she would only come to visit six times a year instead of twelve. Victoria was back. Her message the same. Celebrate the grace and elegance of a life, well lived.

My ritual is still the same with the new Victoria. Whenever she shows up....I drop everything and escape to the world that Victoria takes me to.

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my friend Jennifer over at Thursdays Drive did a parallel post to this about ten days ago.