Saturday, April 12, 2008

Je m'applle Lisette

Je m'applle Lisette(My name is Lisette)

Since some of you may not know me...please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lisette. I am an American woman who inherited my paternal Great Grandmother's name Lisette. (The photo at left is of her as a young girl).

When my parents were expecting me, my mother wanted to give me a unique name. She had chosen Celeste. Thank goodness before I was born my father told her his Grandmother's name was Lisette and voila...that was it! I am so happy I am Lisette and not Celeste!

My name fits me. I love it! I have never been bothered having a unique name that many people have never heard before. In fact, I love and appreciate my name even more now that I am older and such a Francophile!

Some fun facts about the name Lisette:

Origin: France
Gender: Female, a from of Lisa.
Pronounciation: lis-SET, liz-zet, lee-SET, or lee-ZET.
French meaning: devoted to God.
The French pronounication is lee-ZET.

In France, along with the name Lison, Lisette was a common name from the beginning of the Eighteenth Century on. It is a name that often appears in comedies. Lison, is the joyful and helpful woman from the countryside, whereas Lisette is the woman from Paris. Hmm...sounds perfect to me!

The name Lisette does not rank in the current USA top 1,000 baby names. I don't really recall ever meeting anyone else in person with my name.

Prestigious companies seem to like the name. Here are just a few of the products with my name:

Waterford & Royal Doulton both have formal china patterns "Lisette".
Barbie Limited Edition "Lisette" Fashion Model Doll and Hallmark Ornament.
Drexel Heritage "Lisette" French dining room chairs.
Thomasville Furniture "Lisette" French settee/bench.
J. Crew "Lisette" ballet flats.

Looks like I am in pretty good company!

My most favorite find of all is Lisette, the vintage French magazine for girls. One year while my husband and I were browsing the book stalls along the Seine in Paris, we stumbled up the darling French magazine Lisette. My name was as large as could be on the cover. I immediately fell in love with these magazines. My name may not be that popular in America but now I know how popular and loved it is in France!

One thing you should know, is that I am not particular how you pronounce my name. Believe me, it has been pronounced so many different ways. Since I love Paris so much, I love how the French say it... lee-ZET. To my Dad...I am always just Lizzie!
Thanks Mom and Dad...I love my name Lisette!

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