Monday, April 21, 2008

Celebrate Earth Day! BYOB!

Celebrate Earth Day! BYOB!
(Bring Your Own Bag)

Paper or plastic? Just say neither...when you bring your own bag!

Tomorrow is Earth Day. Are you doing your part? Show you care and bring your own bag whenever you shop. It's hip and it's one of the easiest things you can do to help our environment.

Grocery stores have taken action. Now it's up to us! Just about every major grocery store sells reusable grocery bags for $1.00 or so. Most stores will even pay you 5 cents back for each reusable bag you use at check out.

Whole Foods Market has taken a huge stand and is eliminating disposable plastic bags all together starting on Earth Day 2008. According to their web site, the US population throws away about 100 billion plastic bags a year. (Yes, you read that right!) I found that figure shocking! Worse yet, it can take more than a thousand years for a plastic bag to break down in a landfill. I applaud Whole Foods Market!

Limited edition canvas tote bag by Anya Hindmarch

Did you know there are even "chic" designer grocery bags? (You know I just had to mention these!) I really wanted a "I'm Not A Plastic Bag" by British handbag Queen, Anya Hindmarch. I knew about these long before they hit mass hysteria in the UK and US.

All the posh celebs were toting these all over Europe last year. I was even on Anya's US lottery draw to purchase one. I was sure I was going to snag one. No such luck.

The original eco friendly bag only cost about $15.00. Prices eventually skyrocketed for them on Ebay fetching up to $400.00. To date, I have only seen one lady in person shopping with one at a Burberry store. Yes, I still wish I had one!

Then there are the French grocery bags. Leave it to the French to make bringing your own bag "tres chic". They have been doing this for years, toting their French woven market and mesh bags whenever they hit the streets. You can be sure when you see them in Paris, there is always a baguette sticking out!

Most women in Paris (and London) carry a sporty "Le Pliage" tote bag by Longchamp ( along with their designer handbag. These chic canvas bags with leather trim come in various sizes and a multitude of colors. Be European and carry one of these on your department store shopping sprees. Just say "no to plastic" bags there, too!

It's for sure we haven't seen the last of designer "go green" shopping bags. I just read that even Chanel is coming out with a polyester tote. (Ooh, la, la...what would CoCo say?)

Well, for now, it is my basic beige Raley's canvas bag that goes to the grocery store with me...and I use my shiny pink Fauchon tote from Paris for my flea market shopping.

What reusable bag are you carrying?

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