Sunday, May 3, 2015

Just Add Tea and Cold Water

Cold Brewing

I recently discovered that I really like the simplicity of making cold water brewed iced tea.  It's so easy and the iced tea never taste bitter.  So this week, I picked up several Bodum Biasca ice tea jugs one (with a pink lid) for making floral green teas and one (with a green lid) for green teas.  I really like the sleek and slender Danish designed glass jug that fits nicely in our fridge.

It's so simple to make iced tea with the cold brew method.  And, according to Bodum, this method works well with black, green, white and herbal teas.  I plan on using my Biasca jugs exclusively for green iced teas. 

 Bodum gives easy instructions on their Biasca box on how to cold brew.  Here you go:

1) Add your favorite loose leaf tea
(I used 20 grams of tea for 1 liter of water)

2) Fill with cold spring water

3) Allow to brew for 5-6 hours in the fridge
(or less to your taste preference)

4) Serve and Enjoy!

Today I'm enjoying a pitcher of Fleur De Geisha green tea which was drinkable in, as fast as, 20 minutes.  Tonight I plan on starting a cold brew of my favorite Japanese green sencha to enjoy tomorrow.   And since I'm learning a lot about Chinese teas lately,  I can't wait to explore cold brewing with Chinese green teas.

Sadly I think the the Biasca tea jug may be discontinued now here in America because it is not listed on the Bodum USA site.  So if you stumble upon one while out shopping, you'd better grab it!  

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