Wednesday, October 5, 2011


The Tea Bar

I finally had tea at a tea bar...
in Berekely, California. 

Teance is located in one of my favorite shopping areas,

On a recent trip to Berkeley, instead of shopping all day,
I treated myself to a relaxing afternoon of tea tasting
and learning more about Asian teas at Teance.

 On my visit, Co-Manager, Darius Moghaddam was tending bar.
I was so impressed with his knowledge of tea. 
Turns out,  he has been on 5 tea buying trips all over the world. 
So yes, he does know a thing or two about tea
and graciously shares his knowledge.

Darius and I decided that I should try a tea tasting of their
Flight of Three Teas. 

Flight of Three Teas

 Silver Needle Tea

My first flight was Silver Needle (Yin Zhen), a white tea. 
This prized tea is from Fuding, Fujan, China.

Waking up the Tea Leaves

To enjoy this tea,
you first must first "wake up" the tea leaves
by pouring hot water on them and removing the water immediately.


Next, the tea was steeped for 1 1/2 minutes in a Gaiwan

Darius told me "a Gaiwan is an ancient tea making tool". 
I had never seen one before.


Silver Needle tea is very delicate and subtle in taste
with a pale color.  A tranquil, cup indeed.

 Flower Bouquet

My second flight was Flower Bouquet, a green tea. 

This tea is hand-tied into a heart bundle. 
It is also from Fuding, Fujan, China.

 Flowering Tea

Flower Bouquet tea is steeped in a glass tea pot. 
As it steeps, the leaves unfold and
a beautiful red hibiscus flower is revealed. 
It's magical!

It had a light Jasmin note and I enjoyed it.


Besides tea, Teance also has wonderful treats,
 like Japanese Mochi handmade locally.

I enjoyed a Pumpkin & Lima Bean Mochi along with my tea tasting.
It was beautiful with its edible flowers and
so much better than store bought Mochi. 


My third flight was Matcha.

Teance's Matcha is from Uji, Japan from Koyama En,
the most prestigious matcha company in Japan.

I was most excited to try Matcha green powdered tea
since I had never tried it before. 

 Tea Ceremony Whisk

Matcha is considered to be the healthiest of teas
because you are drinking all the leaves
 which are milled into a fine powder.

Matcha is prepared with a bamboo tea whisk.

I loved watching Darius make my cup. 


Matcha is like no other tea I have ever tasted. 

It is thick and frothy.  Matcha has a stronger green tea flavor and
I think one probably has to acquire a taste for it. 
I plan on doing just that so I can enjoy the health benefits of drinking Matcha.

The Great Wall of Tea

I'm so glad I took a break from shopping around Fourth Street
and enjoyed a break at the Tea Bar at Teance. 

It was a wonderful and relaxing experience. 
Thank you Darius for teaching me more about the world of tea.

I highly recommend Teance Fine Teas

If you can't get to Berkeley,
 they have an online store and Tea Subscriptions, too!

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Teresa Parkins said...

What a lovely post Lisette, the photos really make me feel I've taken part in a tea ceremony. You are really lucky to have such a wonderful tea shop to visit and it is so nice of you to share it here with us.