Monday, October 3, 2011

Only at Macy's

 Karl Lagerfeld for Impulse

I love designer collaborations with main street department stores. 

I think designer extraordinaire Karl Lagerfeld's
collaboration with Macy's is probably the best one yet!

Karl Lagerfeld is one of the world's greatest fashion legends. 

Today, he is probably best known as
Chief Designer at the house of Chanel
but he wears many hats!

 A Little Black Dress

If you've ever wanted to own a little black dress by Chanel...
here's your chance.  While this is not a Chanel dress,
I just can't help but see Coco's influence in this design by Karl. 

This chic black dress is available in-store and online in the
Karl Lagerfeld for Impulse collection at Macy's. 
It's a limited edition collection.

I saw Karl's collection at my local Macy's a few days ago
and the racks still have good stock. 
Surprisingly, I don't think many fashionistas know about this collection yet. 

While the dress looks nice on the rack,
it's gorgeous on a beautiful model...

 What Would Coco Think?


I can't help but wonder...
what would Coco think?

(Model photograph from Macy's)

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