Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tea Cup Bangles

 Tea Cup Bangle

What will you be wearing to your next tea party?

How about a Tea Cup Bangle?

China Cabinet Bracelets

Leave it to Anthropolgie to discover this clever tea cup idea! 

I was in the city yesterday for afternoon tea at my favorite San Francisco tea room Crown & Crumpet.  After tea my friends and I headed over to Union Square for some holiday shopping. 

I always love "popping" in Athropologie stores.  They are always filled with fabulous inspiration.  I was excited to see their China Cabinet Bracelets in person since they had caught my eye online

I love this clever tea cup design but after trying one on, I passed on purchasing it.  The bangle seemed a bit heavy to wear.  I think I would also be afraid of chipping it, too.  Hmmm...it could be cute just to wear to special tea parties though.

If you want a Tea Cup Bangle...you better hurry down to your nearest Anthro store because they are already sold out online.

I'll probably regret that I didn't buy one!

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Annemieke said...

I would be worried about breaking one although they do look pretty.