Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Newport, Oregon

Newport, Oregon

We just returned home from a week long vacation in Newport and Portland, Oregon. 

My husband is from the small mill town Toledo, which is 7 miles east from Newport and the Oregon coast.  Last month during the first California heat wave (100 degrees in May) , I told my husband "let's move to Oregon!" Well now that we have just returned from Oregon, I realize that I am definitely a California girl! I promise not to complain about the heat here ever again!

While I loved visiting Oregon, I just don't care for it's cool, damp, misty, rainy weather that occurs even in the summertime at the beach. My in laws told me that is why Oregon is so green and so beautiful. Yes, I agree, the Oregon coast is beautiful but I missed the sun!

The trip was for my husband to visit his family and celebrate his Dad's birthday. We also brought our 16 year old nephew Kevin with us. The guys enjoyed a lot of golf time. We did the typical touristy things. We visited the Newport Aquarium, beach combed at the beach, bought salt water taffy and ate lots and lots of seafood!

As for me, I guess it was a time for me to relax. The only problem is, I am not very good at relaxing. I would rather be shopping. Only problem was, there isn't much shopping in Newport, so I did a lot of knitting!

I did check out shopping in Ashland, OR on our drive up and down Highway 5. I loved its boutique lined Main Street and the fabulous yarn store, The Websters.  I want to go back and shop this town! I was told by a store clerk that a lot of people retire there from Marin County, CA. Perhaps that is why there was such a groovy vibe there?

We finished up our trip with a two day jaunt to Portland. My hubby loves books and wanted to take our nephew to Powell's Books. Powell's is the largest independent book store in America. While they shopped for books, I strolled the Pearl District checking out the yarn stores and upscale boutiques.
We had a great trip. When we pulled up to our nephew's home, I told him "it is nice to go on vacation but it is always so nice to come back home!"

And yes, we came back home to another heat wave!

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