Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Taking Tea at Laduree

Tea at Laduree

I can finally check having tea at Laduree off my Paris list!

Finally on our 5th tip to Paris my dream of having tea at Laduree came true.

All I can say is...

it was worth the wait
"merci" to my wonderful husband for being my Laduree date. 

16 Rue Royal

There are a number of fashionable locations for dining at Laduree in Paris.  I selected the Laduree Tea Salon at 16 Rue Royal.  It's one of my favorite Laduree locations on the elegant Right Bank.  It's also the original Laduree location which Louis Ernest Laduree created in 1862 as a bakery. 

On our first day in Paris, our first stop was 16 Rue Royal to make reservations for lunch the following day. 

The Tea Salon

After a fabulous first day in Paris it was time to enjoy Laduree on day two. 

Stepping into the Laduree tea salon was like stepping into another era.

Being a decorator, I was in awe of its beautiful hand painted cherub fresco ceiling and wood panels throughout.  Laduree's soft pastel trademark colors are apparent everywhere you look..even on the china. 

 Saint- Honore

Our reservation at Laduree was for 1:00 PM. 

My husband and I shared a delicious crab sandwich from the lunch menu followed by luscious Laduree desserts and tea.

From the les The`s Laduree menu, I selected The Melange Special Laduree tea.  It is a delicate blend of citrus fruit, rose, vanilla and cinnamon.   It was served in a silver tea pot, of course! 

For our French treats we shared a Tarte Citron, Laduree's signature Rose Raspberry Saint-Honore and a few Macaroons

Laduree's Saint-Honore pastry was the most wonderful and beautiful dessert my husband and I have ever had!  Just imagine cream puffs, framboise (raspberry) and rose all executed in a breathtakingly beautiful pastry with a rose petal on top. 

 Table #16

Our Laduree experience was perfect in every way. 

We were seated by a friendly monsieur at table #16 with a wonderful view of the salon.  

I'm calling Table #16 now our special table at Laduree.

We were married on May 16, 2001 and honeymooned in Paris.  We were now in Paris 10 years later celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary and were seated at table #16 at 16 Rue Royale!

The next time we're in Paris...
I'll be asking for table #16 when I make our reservations!                 

les Macaroons

Laduree is truly a very special place in the world
I'm so happy my dream of having tea at Laduree came true!

Now I dream of going back to Laduree and...
 table #16.


Sarah said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! Mine is also May 16th. What a wonderful time you had and I enjoyed your lovely pictures. Just wish I could have a taste as well as seeing...

Patty said...

I feel the same way as Sarah. I would have loved to taste those!!!

Jodi Larsen said...

You lucky girl! Lovely photos. I had a Saint Honore cake at my wedding shower. What a special time for you and Brian.