Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bienvenue Laduree!

21 rue Bonaparte

It's no secret...
Laduree is my favorite Paris Patisserie
French Tea Salon!

Laduree at Harrods

Did you know,
you don't have to travel to Paris to have the Laduree experience? Today Laduree has locations all over the world including three locations in London.  

On our recent holiday in London we had to "pop" into Harrods just to see the Laduree at Harrods.  Of course, we had to try some macarons to compare them to their Parisian counterparts.   

I was curious if the macarons for the London branch were made in London or shipped in daily from Paris.  I politely asked the Laduree clerk and found out that they are made locally in London.  They tasted the same but for some reason, my husband and I agreed...
macarons are just more magical in Paris!

Laduree is a smashing success in London and they will soon be opening even another branch in trendy Convent Garden.

Champs Elysess

Americans adore Laduree so wouldn't it be grand if Laduree would open
here in the States?

Well it's finally coming true..
Laduree is opening this July in New York City. 

Several years ago there was a rumor about a New York City branch opening, but it never happened.  This time it's really happening and America will soon have it's own Laduree branch at 864 Madison Avenue! 

I can only hope (and keep my fingers crossed) that Laduree will eventually expand to other fashionable cities in America, like San Francisco.  For now, New York City sounds a little closer than Paris for a macaron fix!

les Macarons

Bienvenue Laduree to the Etats-Unis!

(Welcome Laduree to the United States!)

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Teresa Parkins said...

Breakfast at Tiffany's then Tea at Laduree - what more could you want, Lisette!