Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Laduree Dream

 Marie Antoinette Tea
(All the way from Paris!)

I'll be in Paris in a few weeks...

and it is my dream
to have afternoon tea at Laduree.

(All the way from Paris)

Laduree is always one of our very first stops in Paris.  My husband and I just adore their French macaroons and their beautiful shops certainly let you know, that you have arrived in Paris! 

Through the years, I've sneaked a peak at various Laduree restaurants and tea salons around  Paris but I have never had tea at one. I'm hoping that this trip to Paris makes my dream of having tea at Laduree come true!

Laduree Treats

I've already had a taste of how wonderful Laduree's afternoon tea is going to be.  My dear friend's daughter who lives in Paris brought me Laduree's Marie Antoinette The` (tea) and macaroons when she came to California last year to visit her mom. 

I have felt quite spoiled at home drinking my Marie Antoinette tea. Just as you would imagine, this black tea has rose floral notes and comes in a pretty pink canister.  Marie Antoinette most definitely would approve!

Now let's just hope I can get a table for two
and have my Laduree dream come true....

Be sure to watch this beautiful clip from Laduree's web site called
 The Laduree Dream

It will have you dreaming of Laduree,too!


Anna said...

Bonjour Lisette!
What a charming post. I had never heard of Laduree and enjoyed the little film clip. It looks wonderful. I share your passion for London & Paris and enjoying reading your blog. Bon voyage!

Tracey said...

You have made me jealous