Saturday, March 13, 2010

First Dibs on Liberty of London for Target!

My Favorite Liberty of London Finds!
I feel pretty lucky that I've had "first dibs" on some of Target's new Liberty of London range. I went back out to more Target stores today to see what I could find.

Judging by how quickly the Liberty merchandise is flying off the seems that Americans have "a thing" for Liberty's hip 1960's floral patterns used in this Target collaboration. Even the Target Liberty of London Pop-Up Store in New York City closed a day early because all the merchandise sold-out!

I did have a chance to see a quite few products out in the stores today. Sadly the displays do not do the Liberty name justice. Oh well, maybe things will get spiffed up before the official launch tomorrow.

So Here's a Look at More Liberty of London!

Liberty of London Wellies

Love these! Check out these adorable wellies (rain boots).
They are available in children and adult sizes at $24.99.

Liberty for Men
There's even Liberty for the "Prints Charming" in your life!

Liberty Home Decor

You can even decorate your home with Liberty prints!

Liberty Flip Flops
How cute are these flip flops?

Liberty of London Sundresses

On the racks today in stores I saw Liberty sundresses, bikinis, one piece bathing suits, nighties, bras and panties, too.

Liberty of London Stationery

I was pleased today that I found Liberty stationery
for sweet little notes to my faraway friends!

Liberty of London
For the Office
There are lots of fun stationery and home storage items, too. Perfect to keep you organized in Liberty style!

I'm anxious to head out again tomorrow with fingers crossed that the Liberty launch will officially be in the stores with all the merchandise.
See you in the aisles!


Anonymous said...

Such lovely displays. However, now they are a little more sparse in merchandise. I think it has been a hit!


Sheila said...

Thanks, Lisette, for teaching this old girl a few fashion things :-)