Saturday, April 11, 2009

Inspired by the Sea!

"Inspired by the Sea" Tablescape
Design Team: Pottery Barn

I went to the Galleria Mall today to buy a special birthday present for my mother. Along the way, I got side tracked and felt like I was on a summer vacation at the beach. I was actually only window shopping but the latest design trend really does make you feel like you're relaxing at someone's beach house.
That latest design trend is "Inspired by the Sea"! This trend is turning up everywhere from handbags, knitwear designs, tableware and home accessories. Pottery Barn is all decked out with their "Inspired by the Sea" displays. I love the tablescape above with the sea shells scattered across the table...just like a table runner.
While window shopping today, I saw a lot of coral designs and influence. Here are just a few:

Red Coral Napkins and Spreaders
Pottery Barn

Coral Decorative Pillow
Pottery Barn

Felix Rey for Target

And, of course, there is that coral handbag by Felix Rey for Target! The Felix Rey handbags are now out at Target. I would like to say that "they actually do look pretty nice for a designer collection for Target". They seem to be selling pretty well, too!

I passed on buying a Felix Rey handbag. You really should check them out though if you are going on a cruise or a beach trip this summer.

What do you think of this summer design trend? I like it. Living in California, the ocean and beach combing bring back happy childhood memories for me. How about you?

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