Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sweet Hearts

 Valentine's Day Sugars

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. 

Will you be having a Saint Valentine's Day tea party?   If so, you definitely need these sweet little heart shaped sugars for your tea party!

 Have a Sweet Heart

I love little surprises.  I always love finding pretty little handcrafted sugars in the sugar bowl at Afternoon Tea!  Your guests will love finding these sweet little hearts, too!

Special sugars add such a delightful touch to a tea party setting.  When serving decorative sugars, I always like to use a pretty sugar spoon and vintage sugar tongs.  Little dainty details like these really make your tea party special.

Sugars by Sharon

I'm smitten with the handcrafted sugars by a northern California company Sugars by Sharon.  Sugars by Sharon are hand-molded, colored sugars in all sorts of decorative shapes.  Best part of all, they are real sugar and dissolve beautifully in your tea cup!

I've spotted Sugars by Sharon at Crown & Crumpet in San Francisco and Amy of An Afternoon to Remember carries them, too.  Just click here to find them where you live. 

(In the photos:  Royal Winton "Old Cottage" tea cup & saucer and sugar bowl, vintage silver tongs and vintage Valentine's Day cards.)

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Sarah said...

The hearts are so cute! I have some pottery in mind to go with them--can you guess ;) Your pictures are wonderful!