Tuesday, September 28, 2010

End of Summer Tea!

Lavender Tea Time!

So glad you stopped by for Tea Time Tuesday.

Today we are celebrating the end of summer with Earl Grey Lavender Tea.

The calendar may say autumn but it's still summer here in California. Last weekend I trimmed down my lavender shrubs and it inspired me to celebrate the end of summer with lavender tea.

So let's have a cup!

Revolution Earl Grey Lavender Tea
Today's sampling is Earl Grey Lavender Tea by Revolution Tea. They are a US premium tea company founded in 1998 in Phoenix, Arizona. They offer a wide assortment of teas yet I am only familiar with their Earl Grey Lavender tea. It used to be difficult to find but now their teas are widely available in most major grocery store chains.

Let's open up the box of tea. The first thing you notice is how fragrant the tea is. You can really smell the Earl Grey blend! This Earl Grey blend features full-leaf black teas flavored with oil of Bergamot and blue lavender. I really like their resealable foil bag that helps keep your tea fresh!
Let's Have some Earl Grey Lavender Tea!
When given the choice, I prefer to drink loose tea. A tea bag though is often a convenient way to drink tea. This is one tea company that I don't mind drinking tea from a bag.

Revolution Tea has designed their nylon tea bag to be a flow through infuser. They fill it with twice as much tea as an ordinary tea bag. Their flow through infuser allows the tea leaves to expand and infuse the tea much like loose tea does.

This is a lovely tea to drink in the late afternoon. I enjoy this tea sweetened with wildflower honey. Lavender and honey are such a wonderful combination.
Lavender Iced Tea
Revolution's Earl Grey Lavender Tea is perfect for making iced tea, too.

While trimming my lavender shrubs this past weekend, I was inspired to add lavender buds from my garden to enhance this tea with even more lavender flavor...I loved it! Here's my recipe:

Lisette's Lavender Iced Tea

10 Cups Water
5 Earl Grey Lavender Tea Infusers
* 1T. Organic English Lavender Buds
Wildflower Honey to taste
Lavender Sprigs

Make hot tea in a pot just as you normally would.

Add Lavender Buds and Wildflower Honey to taste. Steep for 4 minutes.

Remove Tea Infusers. Strain Lavender Buds. Stir Well.

Serve in a tall ice-filled glass and garnish with a sprig of lavender.

* or 1 t. for a lighter lavender flavor

Relax and enjoy the end of summer!

(In the photos: Vintage Wedgwood Sandon Tea Pot, Tea Cup & Saucer. Vintage Wedgwood Bee Hive Honey Pot. LaRochere Napoleonic Bee Footed Goblet, Vintage hand embroidered linen.)


Ruth said...

How fun! I love anything with lavendar so I will have to look for this brand of tea...maybe Whole Foods. Your photography is beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Love this tea! I have the Tropical Green Tea. jodi

Annemieke said...

Need to go check out this tea. As always the photography is beautiful!!