Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bon Bon Lip Balms

Tokyo Milk Bon Bon Lip Balms

Like most women, I wore lip balms before I wore lipstick. I was raised on Yardley Pot O Gloss and Bonne Belle Lip Smackers. To this day...I still love my lip balms!
My latest lip balm find is Bon Bon Lip Balm by Tokyo Milk . I was instantly drawn to their clever vintage-artsy packaging. Then I opened up the lovely little tester pot, had a whiff...and was in Bon Bon heaven! Since I love Marie Antoinette, I selected Bon Bon flavor Let Them Eat Cake. It smells as sweet as a Paris patisserie!

Let Them Eat Cake
I first discovered these adorable Bon Bons in a quaint boutique shop in Ashland, Oregon last summer. Today while shopping at Anthropologie I noticed that they are carrying a few of the flavors right now, too.

You can also find Bon Bons at the hip boutique Fringe on 21st Street in Sacramento. They carry Tokyo Milk products (which includes neat artsy packaged soaps) and lots of cool stuff both vintage and new.

Perhaps the best part about these Bon Bons are...besides being great for your lips...they are great for your hips because these sweet little Bon Bons have no calories!

Be sure to let me know which flavor is your favorite Bon Bon!

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Anonymous said...

Periwinkle in Folsom has them too!