Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Antique Flea Markets

Antique Flea Markets

I love going to antique flea markets. My favorite antique flea market is Portobello Road in London and I love the puce (flea) markets in Paris! I also love the little antique market held twice a year in the historic town of Folsom, CA.

Here a few photos from the recent Folsom Peddlers Faire and the Portobello Road market in London. I thought it would be fun for you to see the difference between a tiny American style faire to the largest antique fair in the world! Enjoy!

Antique Peddler's Faire in historic Folsom, CA

Last Sunday was the Antique Peddlers Faire on Sutter Street in historic Folsom, CA. It draws a pretty loyal crowd and there is always something for every type of collector from vintage toys to English silver.

Time for Tea!
Tea accoutrements, tea strainers and toast racks.
This antique dealer is an English lady, naturally!

1950's and 1960's ladies head vintage vases.
A pretty "hot" collectible right now.

American Dolls.
Dolls always bring back child hood memories!

Portobello Road, London, England.

The World's largest antique market held every Saturday!
Draws a huge crowd of locals and tourists!

The Silver Lady's booth.
I love buying tea caddy spoons and strainers
from this nice English dealer.

Silver and more silver!
At Portobello Road, stacks of silver are everywhere!
I had never seen so much antique silver before!

English china from the Potteries, England.
Famous makers such as:
Wedgwood, Spode and Royal Albert.

Well, no matter what you collect it is always fun to be on a treasure hunt at antique faires. This coming Sunday, we are off to the charming town of Petaluma, CA for their antique fair in their historic district.

The hunt is always on!

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